DME’s Second Annual Beach & Ball Tournament was a huge success.The tournament included 17 Post Grad Programs including DME PostGrad Blue, Black, & White and 3 full days of exciting nonstop games.Teams from all over participated including The Skill Factory, CombineAcademy, Central Tech, and many more.BEACH & BALL TOURNAMENT RECAP:

DME PREP BLUE RESULTSDME Prep Blue started the weekend with a great win over Victory Rock105 – 57. It was a great team effort lead by Keegan Murray with 27 pointsand Petar Raickovic with 13 points. In DME Prep Blue’s second game ofthe weekend, the twins, Keegan and Kris Murray combined for a total of 61points in the win against Combine Academy. DME Blue would go on toclose out the tournament with a win vs ABI Academy and solidperformances from Dalph Panopio, Myles Samuels, Trey Fort, and DJWarren.

DME PREP BLACK RESULTSDME’s Prep Black started the weekend with a tough loss to Central Point102 – 100. Bailey Stephanos lead the way for DME with 37 points. Theteam came out strong on Day 2 against ABI. DME lead the way by asmany as 18 points however, ABI was able to fight back and overcomethe deficit. Despite the 25 point performance from Jalen Dearring, DMEBlack falls short 87 – 83.

DME PREP WHITE RESULTSDME White fell short in a close matchup vs Central Tech 87 – 83. Topperformers throughout the game were Srdjan Petrovic and Yafet Hailee. Intheir second game, DME Prep White faced another tough West Lake team,falling short 98 – 94. Jon Sanders led the way with 16 points. The teamwas able to bounce back on the final game of the weekend with a greatwin vs Combine Academy 81 – 72. Davion Ralph, Jon Sanders, and YafetHailee all had great performances.

You can check out the games on our youtube.